"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible"

~ M.C. Escher ~

The Ladybug studio

Ho-hum is not an option

Your Ladybug journey starts at our creative studio in Ringwood. It's a welcoming and inspiring space that encourages creativity with huge whiteboards, large windows with natural sunlight and a metal forest. There are 81 ladybugs on display around the studio, most were given to us as gifts over the years from our awesome clients.

The Ladybug experience

From the moment you arrive you're treated as a guest. You'll be offered a hot or cold beverage from our drinks menu and taken through to The Dream Exploration Room. All you need to do is sit back, eat a Ladybug chocolate or a healthy snack, and talk about you and your business. We'll ask you some questions to explore your project in depth.

Bringing your dreams to life

The Let's Get Creative! Room is where we bring your dreams to life! With a deep green carpet, flowers, toadstools - and ladybugs everywhere, a break out table with flower petal ottomans and a huge, 6 metre whiteboard - this is the perfect room to get creative!

Our fun and passionate team of designers and developers create your projects in this vibrant, collaborative environment, bouncing ideas off each other as they go. It's exciting watching these ideas grow into beautifully executed solutions that wow our clients time after time!

Bell's retreat

As a business owner, there are just so many things to think about. Decisions to make, things to do, actions to take... So Bell made her space a whole room dedicated to brainstorming and exploring ideas.

It's a beautiful room at the front of the studio where anything is possible. Bell sits in the soft snuggle chair, with Yoshi by her side, whilst looking at her whiteboard where she explores the endless possibilities and maps out her biggest, boldest dreams for Ladybug's growth.

So while Bell is creating your design, you can be assured of total concentration on your project without distraction or interruption. Most importantly, the ideas for your website or branding will be unique and inspired - something that's a little hard to achieve in the typical office cubicle...