"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works"

~ Steve Jobs ~


You need one in order to be taken seriously

An important promotional tool and a way to add credibility to your business, a website is a necessity for almost all businesses. More often than not, it's the first point of contact with your business for new leads (even if they heard about you through word of mouth). But there are so many types and styles and if you get it wrong, you'll have wasted time and money and have to start again.

It needs to appeal to your target market

We understand the ins and outs of your online presence, which should be no surprise as we've been around for 17 years, almost since the invention of the internet... almost! And believe it or not, it all starts with your target market and what appeals to them - not what appeals to you or us!

It has to inspire people to take action

So we take the time to get to know you, your business, your goals and work with you on a solution that helps you achieve your goals and not only appeals to your target market, but really engages them and encourages them to take that next step - after all, you could have the most amazing website out there, but if it doesn't motivate people to call or buy or sign up or whatever its purpose is - it's not doing its job!

It has to be the right fit

There's no point in spending your whole marketing budget on a website and then crossing your fingers and hoping - you'll go out of business! But on the other hand, if you buy a website that doesn't reflect your image, the quality of what you do and your brand as a whole, you'll get the wrong kind of enquiries, causing you to miss out on the right leads and waste time with the wrong ones.

So we offer the best advice on the best approach

It's because we can help you with anything, that we won't just help you with anything. We know that if we don't provide you with the right solution for where you want your business to be and who your target market is, then we're not doing our job properly. And we pride ourselves on helping businesses grow (it's even in our tagline!). Our extensive range of website options and custom solutions means we'll advise you on the best approach for your specific needs.

Imagine 2 electricians, the first does small, residential jobs, the second one does commercial and industrial jobs, complete shop electricals, large factories and office buildings. Do you think their website needs are the same? The first one only needs something basic that gets his main points of difference across and gives people the confidence to make the call. The second one needs to convey the feeling of high end solutions and top quality work - it needs to look really schmick and stand out from their competitors.

Our suite of website solutions...

I need a great website

A simple "brochureware" site, the I need a great website options are almost like an online brochure containing images, text and video. They're perfect for your growing business as they provide a solid foundation for you and are upgradable and expandable as your business continues to grow and the needs arise.

Create something really special!

Want something unique that really stands out? Create something really special! is a completely custom-designed website that really captures the essence of your brand and appeals directly to your target market. It's for the truly inspired, the people who have big dreams, the drive to make them happen and an enthusiasm and passion for their business that can only be understood by likeminded people like us! This is an exclusive package, so only certain people are eligible to sign up for it. As with the I need a great website package, this package is upgradable and expandable as your business continues to grow.

Captivate and amaze them!

If you want to really wow and engage your target market, then the Captivate and amaze them! website is an interactive and visually compelling way of getting your message across. Completely crafted from scratch, every element and every detail is planned and designed specifically to enhance the impact this site has on new leads. Initially these websites appear light on text, but the more the user interacts with your site, the more they discover about your business.

Sites of this style intertwine words with visual elements to emphasise key take outs and deliver each message with precision. Every movement, fade effect, object rotation, zoom in and out, or other visual effects applied to each interactive/clickable element on every layer is deliberate, designed specifically to motivate the user to take action and tell others of their experience.

This style of website is for the people who want something truly unique whilst providing a beautiful, cohesive client experience. These websites are only available to a select few as the level of detail involved in planning and crafting each one is second to none.

Perfectly automated + personalised

You need this powerful business tool if you really value your time and your team's time. If you have monotonous tasks in your business that could be automated, if you need to connect your website to other systems you already use or you want to make your website more intuitive about its users and their buying/usage habbits, the Perfectly automated + personalised website does exactly that.

Designed to look simple, clean and easy to use, all of the complexity of this web application (website) lies behind the scenes, quietly enhancing the user experience and your sales potential. With user login and eCommerce options, we design and develop this application from the ground up, specifically for your business, after gaining an in-depth understanding of your business model and the current processes and systems used. We then plan out ways that we can save you time and money by automating tasks and getting your website to really work for you - it's the best team member you'll ever have!

Whether it be completely automating processes within your business or helping keep your clients organised with individual emails + notifications (all sent without you having to lift a finger) or helping sell more products based on what it's learnt about each user, you'll quickly see the benefit of a Perfectly automated + personalised website. It can also adapt it's layout, feature products, etc based on the attributes of the individual user who's logged in. Completely customising itself for that specific person automatically! This not only gives the user a more personal experience within the website, but increases the chances of making a sale, or even better - selling more! You are only limited by your imagination, and if you need help getting your creative juices flowing, that's what we're here for! So... how much is your time really worth?!

Every website created by Ladybug is...

User friendly // We place a strong focus on your clients' experience and your website being user friendly. People need to be able to find what they need quickly and easily or they'll go to the next website.

Responsive // A responsive website is a style of website that adjusts the layout and content according to the screen size used to view it. It makes the user experience much more pleasurable as they don't need to zoom in to read the text and it ensures your website is Google-friendly.

Optimised for search engines // We work with an SEO expert to get you the best possible organic search engine ranking. They will also provide advice on how you can influence your own ranking after your new website has been launched.

Meets accessibility guidelines // The website will adhere to relevant accessibility guidelines as set by Vision Australia.

Cross-browser compatible // Your new website will display properly on all of the latest versions of the leading browsers.

Optimised to load quickly // We do everything possible to make sure your new website loads as quickly as possible.

Expandable // Your new website will be created with room for expansion. If you'd like us to add a page or functionality later, we won't need to re-design/re-build it from scratch.

Maintainable by you // We include a CMS (content management system) that allows you to edit the content on your website whenever you need to as instantly as you need to.

Secure and using current technology // Along with putting in place the essential security measures for your website as standard, we also carry out regular checks to ensure there are no vulnerabilities. We update the technology used as needed and test your website to ensure the updates haven't impacted how the site looks or functions. Websites can no longer be a 'set and forget' marketing tool.

...and what if you grow?

It's hardly fair for us to help you grow your business but not think of how your website can adapt as a result of that growth. So, when Ladybug creates your website, we don't base it on where you are now, but where you're heading. Every website has a strong foundation that can be built on as your business evolves. With all Ladybug created websites, we take the time to plan them out thoroughly, thinking of possible future enhancements and functionality and build the site with those in mind. This means that as you grow, you rarely need to start from scratch again, saving you time and money long term.

Keeping it local

It's so much harder to get a design right without an initial face-to-face meeting, so we meet with you either at our studio in Ringwood or at your place of business, where possible. This gives us a good feel for what you're about and what you're trying to achieve with your marketing strategy and business overall. And when we work on a project with you, it's created completely by the Ladybug team, so you know it's of a high quality with no language barriers or timezone issues!